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    Enjoy free digital TV wherever you are: at home, on vacation or business trip. This solution will turn your Android device into a digital television quickly and easily. Once downloaded the free app, plug and play installation simply to connect the device, open the application, select a channel and watch TV

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    Android EngelDroid receiver DVB-T2 4K. Control your EngelDroid from your smartphone and turn your TV into a Smart TV comfortably. Compatible with Netflix and KODI

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    Axil Engel RT0197, a DTT receiver recorder with which you can not only enjoy your favorite content but you can record it and to see it again anytime. You can pause directly if you need to be away while watching your favorite movie or series. You can play many formats like MP3 and JPEG to listen and hear your photos and music on your TV

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    DTT receiver with built-in USB

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    DVB-T2 Recorder. Very high sensitivity tuner. Supported formats: 1080p / i, 720p and 576p / i. Compatible with Full HD and HD Ready

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    Future TDT HD: DVB-T2: Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial Second Generation. It is the extension of the current standard of DTT. The higher bit rate offered, compared to its predecessor DVB-T, makes it a suitable system for carrying signals of high definition television in the terrestrial television channel offering in practice 30% more capacity

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    DVB-T2 HD recorder + USB 2.0, HDMI and SCART. Digital Terrestrial Receiver HD and SD

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    Accessory Kit AN0432E of EngelAxil gives you everything you need to install your own satellite signal receiver system. It has all the accessories not to forget any element assembly and save time

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    Engel continues to promote products with a reduced size but with great features inside, and again demonstrates the RS4800W Nano decoder. Again has access to internet (wifi antenna included) and direct access to platforms like Youtube, time and other entertainment

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    Satellite Receiver DVB-S2 HD. PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to reproduce and / or recording on external devices (HDD, USB ...). Timeshift function (pause-Direct): stop a program and continue whenever you want from the point of interruption. 2 USB 2.0 ports. Plays MP3 music, JPEG images and video. Resolutions: 1080p / i, 720p, 576p / i, 480p / i....

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    Hybrid DVR 8 channel Conceptronic offers an ideal way to monitor a large house or buildings, for situations requiring professional surveillance field. With high definition cameras excellent quality placed on all sides of the building can monitor all access points safely at all times, day and night

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