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    The MS2 speakers have been specially designed for gamers. With 20 RMS, distributed between the subwoofer and satellites, you enjoy the best sound in your gaming sessions

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    Typhoon has a 40mm diameter speakers that will ensure high quality sound. The Typhoon headphones have an adjustable headband and lightweight, which will provide great comfort for long gaming sessions. The volume controller you find the handset, thus having a more rapid and direct access

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    MH1 These headphones are specially designed for gamers. With high sensitivity and premium sound quality, you'll live a real gamer experience. Feel all the excitement of your games with powerful bass

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    Enjoy a full immersion in games thanks to its Premium quality sound through your speakers with 40mm neodymium and premium bass performance that is specifically developed for gamers. You can use them on multiple platforms thanks to its support for consoles PS4 and Jack connectors

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    Enjoy a full immersion in games thanks to the Surround technology, a spectacular professional gaming positional audio 7.1 with powerful control software (USB connector) to configure Windows-compatible sound to detail. In addition, premium sound quality through its 40mm neodymium speakers and premium bass performance is developed for gamers

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    No matter if you enjoy playing shooters or MOBA because the Khami headphones will allow an absolute immersion and excellent performance to come on any play. 40 mm speaker high quality sound. flexible microphone. lightweight adjustable headband for comfort. Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX ONE *, Smartphones. Volume controller and microphone

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    Live a unique gaming experience thanks to its 40mm diameter speakers that provide excellent sound quality. Discover new sound nuances and let yourself be enveloped by the adrenaline of the competition thanks to its excellent insulation. Headphones with Kendo you will come on all movements of the enemy and immerse yourself in the game strategy without...

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    Krom has developed Kode to equip discerning ears: the perfect ergonomics, high configurability of their sound scenes and deep virtual 7.1 surround sound are a competitive advantage when playing, and an important detail for any lover music and film

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    Krom introduces its catalog Konor, the gaming headphones virtual 7.1 sound designed for optimum user experience thanks to its large padded (to strengthen ergonomics and perfect acoustic insulation), its folding microphone with flexible arm and the ability to turn off or turn on the LED lighting your headphones 50mm

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    Kopa are stereo headphones and multiplatform Krom. Compatible with tablets, smartphones, PS4 and PC / Mac, designing your user experience combines the best materials and careful ergonomics with a reproduction of high quality sound. Enjoy long music or gaming sessions anywhere with any device

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    Kyus are headphones with virtual surround sound 7.1de Krom, made to immerse yourself in the perfect gaming environment for its surround sound and backlight folding headphones and microphone

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    Equip yourself to hear more details in your games. Make hear you clearly with noise canceling microphone and inline volume control and play for hours in total comfort. 40 mm drivers provide a stereo surround sound that puts you in action. The noise canceling microphone is always ready to chat

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    GAMING HEADPHONES HIFI. Balanced with vibrant bass without distortion and treble means you hear more details in your games and music. Thin and foldable arm design with removable microphone lets go to play music and media files on mobile

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    Ergonomic design. 40mm Neodymium speakers. Premium bass performance. XL high quality pads. ultra comfortable adjustable headband. folding microphone. Noise cancellation system. Online box control. 3,5mm jack connectors gold plated

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    Delve into the gaming with these headphones. With superior sound quality, microphone and smart ergonomic folding design, MAH0 + are ideal to accompany you on your long gaming sessions

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    The MAH1V2 provide unprecedented comfort and great sound quality for your games, thanks to its built-in USB sound card 7.1 Surround technology Positional. In addition, its control software lets you adjust the audio to your needs

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    The MH0 headphones have a round, intelligent, ergonomic design, which together with its high quality soft pads make these MH0 the longer the perfect headphones for gaming sessions

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    Discover our new Sensus technology. A new way of living your games more exciting, more realistic. The MH4V2 incorporate two special drivers when they receive bass, convert these sounds into vibration. The game feels on your skin!

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    The MRH0 provide Premium bass performance and unmatched sound quality thanks to its 40mm neodymium drivers. Access gaming experience totalcon these headphones

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    Designed to meet the needs of all gamers, the KORP100 improve immersion in games, especially in FPS and simulation titles. In addition, KORP # 100 offer all necessary and useful features

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    The KORP200 are designed for comfort and immersion, all it associated with a bright white appearance. In addition, electric blue light

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    A perfect combination of pure sound and maximum immersion, the KORP400 sublimate all play sessions

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    Small, light and versatile! The new KORP OXYGEN is designed to provide sensations even the most thanks to its leading audio technology. Its micro, accurate and flexible, removable, and transforms the KORP OXYGEN in an audio helmet. Their shape memory pads ensure lasting comfort!

    23,28 €
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    The Vicker headphones have a 40mm diameter speakers that guarantee an impeccable sound. It also has an aggressive design, made resistant to become the best ally of your game materials. Thanks to his pads and headband faux leather, soft to suit each user way, you can enjoy an excellent comfort during long games

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    Take your games and chats to a new level thanks to the headset RIG 100HX, full-range model with an open hull design and a flexible microphone swivel arm, designed to enjoy a gaming experience surround sound system. Listen more details in your games and make decisions without hesitation

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    Equip yourself to hear more details in your games. Make hear you clearly with noise canceling microphone and inline volume control and play for hours in total comfort. Lightweight design and materials that allow you to play comfortably. Memory foam helmets take the shape of your ears

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    The K-STAND is a backlit support radically innovates gaming headphones. Game ensures comfort by optimizing the space and sound management

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    MAS0 new Mars Gaming speakers offer an amazing sound power and convenient operation thanks to its USB connection. In addition, because of their small size, they are perfect for smaller desks

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    These compact and powerful speakers provide excellent audio quality, ensuring a great experience for the most demanding gamers. Its built-in subwoofer system provides a performance dramatically low. And thanks to its 2 sound drivers active and passive drivers its 4 audio amplification, the MRS0 achieve up to 10W power

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    The MS1 are the first speakers of Mars Gaming range designed by and for gamers. A, perfect for smaller desks, miniaturization offer an amazing 10W RMS power that will make you live a total immersion in the game

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    The MS3 speakers with 15W power are specially designed to enjoy the best sound in your gaming sessions

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    The ergonomic design and soft ear pads MIH1 allow you to use them for hours. The MIH1 have also integrated microphone with noise cancellation system, and volume control box in-line

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    The MIH2 will surprise you with their sound quality, not comparable to any other in-ear headset. We have used two-way revolutionary technology, which includes two speakers in each ear. With a specific driver for treble and one for bass, MIH2 offer a spectacular spatial sound, you will immerse yourself in the game full

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    Microphone with USB connection, distortion-free, high quality for chat sessions computer games

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