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    An effective solution to protect your laptop from overload. Suitable for laptops up to 17 "

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    Cooler Laptop 12 '' as netbooks. It includes 3 USB ports and a 60 mm fan. It also functions as external box as it can hold an optical drive slim. B-Move do not offer a single product, but innovative and make your life easier solutions. Comfort and functionality

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    Vinci II is a portable cooler, which will become the best partner teams to 17,3''. This new improved version will allow Vinci notebook maximum performance at all times. Vinci II has a 200mm fan that generates a large air flow for the notebook has a stable temperature under any circumstance

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    Supra portable cooler with its 3 adjustable heights, allows perfect ergonomics of use. At the same time, its powerful but ultra-silent fan 160 mm frameless provides excellent cooling, keeping the laptop at an optimal temperature in any situation. Manufactured components of the highest quality, with a large aluminum grid and reinforced structure

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    Abacus notebook cooler is the perfect accessory for those who use laptops up to 17''. With its ultra fan 180 mm, this base becomes the best ally against heat. Abacus has other features such as the double-stand cooling function and the aluminum base, favoring further cooling notebook

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    With a simple but elegant design, this cooler for laptops up to 15.4'' has a 140mm ultra-quiet fan that generates an air flow 47.35CFM and barely perceptible noise level from 0 to 14dB

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    This refrigerator ANBC2 for high quality durable and portable, is compatible with most notebooks on the market. Bigger than the ANBC1 and with adjustable flaps at the bottom, computers supports up to 17''. In addition, the ultra 140mm fan generates a noise level of 14dB imperceptible

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    Opimus is our lightest and functional notebook cooling base. Perfect for any notebook up to 15.4'' accessory. With a perfect ergonomic design, Opimus minimizes the impact and stress caused by prolonged use of portable and thus achieving greater comfort and productivity

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