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    The APPPCI1P PCI card is a high-profile and low, which will add an additional parallel port to your PC, providing seamless communication and effective performance. Broaden your computer connectivity!

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    PCI add-on card parallel port. It provides a high-speed parallel port to any PC with at least one free PCI slot. High speed (UART 16C550C). automatic distribution of IRQ and address I / O Jumperless, Exchangeable software configurations. Bus PCI 2.1 32-bit

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    PCI 1 Blast parallel port (SPP / EPP) offers high performance at a reduced price. It is the most effective for attaching a parallel port (SPP / EPP) to your PC, simple and economical manner while maintaining full compatibility with all PC hardware architecture of your solution. -ports -Type parallel PCI bus 1 -Bus Standard PCI -Color chassis Cromado...

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    This card adds a parallel port to your PC. It is compatible with all PC hardware and is particularly suitable for connecting printers. Equipped with IEEE 1284 port 25 pin modes SPP / EPP / ECP to allow data transfer at high speeds of up to 1.5 MB / sec. The connector is compatible with most parallel peripherals

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    Host Interface: PCI, Output interface: standard. Width: 30 mm, Depth: 110 mm, height: 30 mm. Data transfer rate: 1 Mbit / s, Connectivity Technology: Wired

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    Gembird SPC-1. Host Interface: PCI, Output interface: standard. Integrated circuit: MCS9835. Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium .... Width: 163 mm, Depth: 138 mm, Height: Windows operating system supported 38 mm

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    With this PCI Express card you can easily add 4 port USB3.0 to your PC or computer system and get speeds up to 5Gbps transfer that is 10 times faster than with your old USB2.0. You can also manage large files at breakneck speeds. The APPPCIE4P is easy to install

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    With features RAID control, the Dell RAID controller provides reliability, high performance and disk subsystem management with fault tolerance. With a storage capacity of 1 GB expandable this RAID controller ensures enhanced performance server systems. The dual channel provides high speed connectivity

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    PCI card with 1 parallel port Serial + 2 ports. Increase your computer connectivity through this PCI card that supports PCI IRQ sharing, among others

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    Gembird UPC-20-4P. Host Interface: PCI, Output interface: USB 2.0. Integrated circuit: VIA VT6212L

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    With this PCI Express card, easily add additional 2 3.0 to your desktop computer SuperSpeed ​​USB ports and update the data rate to 4.8 Gb / s. The CUSB3EXI has a maximum data rate of 4,8Gbs, which makes it very fast to copy very large files or documents to and from your computer

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    With this PCI Express card you can easily add 4 USB 3.0 ports superspeed to your desktop and update data rate up to 5 Gb / s! The CUSB3EXI has a maximum data rate of 5 Gbs, which allows you to copy very large files or documents to the desktop very quickly and from this

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    Get more from your pc. Data transfer rate up to 600 MBps. Supports all USB devices. Add two Super-speed USB 3.0 ports to your PC. The actual transfer rate exceeds 100 MBps data. It also allows USB 2.0 devices work faster

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