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    The APPSP21M is a game compact speakers with subwoofer. (10 Watt RMS)

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    Inspire is the most sound model so far but with innovations that offer excellent performance, the Creative Inspire T3300 provides impressive bass and full audio spectrum simply the best in its class. For starters, the speaker system includes a subwoofer with bass port and larger lower output in its class bass level adjustment

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    The stereo speaker system Logitech Z213 provides full sound in a compact format that includes a subwoofer with a downward audio controls easy to use

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    Logitech speaker system Z313 produces powerful bass sound full and despite its small size. Install these computer speakers and place them anywhere for a superb audio disfrutrar

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    Z333 speaker system with subwoofer punchy sound. The Logitech Z333 PC speakers with subwoofer provide crisp, powerful bass sound two devices to enhance the experience of video, music or game

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    Genius presents an excellent set of speakers for music enthusiasts and games, the SW-G2.1 1250. Its 5.25 bass unit '' is made of ultra-rigid MDF, allowing you to get solid bass and extended . Curvilinear side speaker cones magnetic shield 3 '' produce sound full midrange and high clarity

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    Set of compact speakers with subwoofer and USB power 2.1 wooden subwoofer, for desktops and laptops

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    Set of compact speakers with subwoofer and USB 2.1 power for desktops and laptops

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